welcome to warren county united way of illinois!

Thank you! ❤️

Over $8,500 was raised with the virtual race! All of these funds were shared between Julie's Little Libraries and a college fund for Lucy McVey, Julie's 2-year-old daughter. 

Warren County United Way was honored to celebrate Julie McVey's impact on children, community. Going forward, United Way will partner with Warren County Libraries to make this an annual summer festival.

Over 40 children participated in the Junior Race; we estimated approximately 350 people enjoyed the morning with us. 

Thank you to everyone, far and near, who participated in this incredibly special event!

Sponsors ❤️

Special thanks goes out to all organizations and individuals who, along with United Way, made this day possible. This includes: Warren County Libraries, Monmouth College's Education Department, Monmouth College's Classes 03’-06’, United School District, Monmouth Roseville School District, Buchanan Center for the Arts, West Central Leadership, Warren County Area Boy Scouts,  the Ronald and Cassandra Shawler Memorial Library, Kellogg's Printing, Smithfield Foods, Culligan Water, the City of Monmouth, Monmouth Police Department, Columbia Painting and Decorating, MC Sports, Sherwin Williams, Flowers R Us, Lily Blouin, Shaniah Paige, Craig Vivian, Jessica Ferguson, United Way's board of directors, and other friends who wish to remain anonymous. 

Julie's Little Libraries ❤️

Thank you to all of the individuals and businesses who sponsored a Little Library! The first of 30 libraries was installed on Reading Day. Continue to watch this space and our Facebook page for announcements of future installations!